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About me

Welcome! I am so honoured to have you here.

My name is Sarrah Smith and I’m the founder of the Holy Light Intuitive Energetic Healing modality. I am also a divine channel for the collective Ezekiel, Reiki master, certified Light Worker and author!

My mission and passion is to spread Holy Light healing near and far to help men and women heal deep rooted wounds, and traumas from their ancestors, past lives, and from this lifetime that is holding them back. Allowing them the freedom to live their best life in alignment with their soul journey. I love to share the knowledge I receive from Ezekiel and my experiences with clients and students to help guide them to make that Quantum leap at whatever stage they are in on their soul journey.

Healing is a conscious choice you make to let go of all that is holding you back to improve yourself and your well-being so that you can live your best life in alignment with your soul journey.



Who is Ezekiel

Ezekiel is a collective that is a part of the greater whole. You may already be famililar with or have heard of other collectives such as Seth, Abraham-Hicks or the Great White rotherhood, to name but a few. These are collectives, they are large groups of highly evolved spiritual beings who share the universal knowledge for us to learn, grow, heal, and evolve as spiritual beings on this Earth. As Ezekiel has explained to me Seth is the greater whole of the collective and then there are branches of smaller collectives within that whole.

Abraham is its own branch as Ezekiel is its own branch within this greater whole. Each sharing their own specific messages of expertise. Ezekiel’s message is one off healing and growth, and unconditional love. 

The key point in any spiritual growth begins with healing. Healing the mind, body and spirit on a deep soul and cellular level to evolve, become more in alignment with the universal laws to attract all that we desire.

Channeled from Ezekiel

“We are a collective of many. We share the message of unconditional love and healing. We are a part of the greater whole but we are our own. We are here to spread the language of love and healing to prepare you for the times to come. Our message is one of light and love and we have so much to share. Lemurians at the forefront, pleiadians, Mintakans, Arcturians and Lyrans. We are light beings, we share the collective knowledge to spread wisdom and healing for all. Guides, healers, angels of light we are strong we are mighty and our light shines bright we are healers and barriers of this new world “


Clients Love

I am so grateful for Sarrah's Holy Light session. It felt so amazing. I have suffered from chronic pain in my neck and upper back for most of my life. I regularly have headaches. By the end of the day of my healing I felt a major release in my neck pain and my headache disappeared completely. A week later and I still have no pain in my neck or head. More than the physical pain I feel lighter and more positive, from the emotional release. I am so amazed and grateful to have had such a deep release during this session. I am so grateful to know such am amazing person as Sarrah and blessed to be introduced to Holy Light Healing.


I just want to say how amazing Sarrah is. She is truly remarkable. I had two sessions with Sarrah and I have let go so much energy that I had for years. I always felt that I had some dark energy in me that was not allowing me to move forward. Sarrah helped let go of all that and more. I feel lighter, I have more clarity and I feel like a new person. I highly recommend Sarrah and her services.


I was blessed with the opportunity to work with this beautiful soul. I am so grateful for the healing Sarrah has walked me through! Thank you for helping me reposition my focus as I continue this journey. Sarrah was very patient and informative from start to finish. Her words of encouragement and guidance helped renew and strengthen my confidence and Self-love. Definitely recommend her services.


“It was such an honour and privilege to be ignited for Holy Fire healing from the Founding Master herself, Sarrah Smith. This is an energy that will trickle across the world, so I’m proud that I can be part of its first lineage. Sarrah is a knowledgeable teacher who is passionate, caring and makes you feel safe during the whole process. And her healing sessions themselves are so powerful, clearly channelled and provided advise to the deep rooted questions my soul has been meditating on. Sarrah is such a divine gift to the world and I’m so proud to offer this healing modality to my own clients.”


"Holy Light is an amazing healing energy. I knew the first time I had a session with Sarrah that I Wanted to learn Holy Light for myself. The healing energies I felt with Sarrah were very deep and intense. She knew exactly where I was holding my trauma and how to get it to move out. It was such a great experience I signed up immediately to learn Holy Light for myself. Sarrah is an amazing teacher and this modality is a deep healing experience. I am so excited to take the next level when I can. I would definitely recommend this experience to everyone "

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